18th April 2020

Arundel Castle Tulip Festival 2020

Do you miss being able to visit gardens and parks? Have a look here at the […]
18th April 2020

Do houseplants help to purify the air?

Do houseplants help to purify the air? The answer to this is “only a little” but […]
11th April 2020

Coronovirus – Walking the right way

As the UK enters lockdown in response to the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, the rules still allow […]
8th April 2020

Active coping Calendar

The world is in crisis. Keep Calm, Stay Wise & Be Kind. This Active Coping Calendar […]
8th April 2020


Avanit Systems work with residential customers looking for smarter spaces, commercial clients requiring a bespoke office […]
8th April 2020

Wideway Medical Centre